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Join the “treevolution!”


Jomiro Eming Since its inception two years ago, the Hogsback Festival of Trees  returns again this September. Terra-Khaya, in association with GreenPop, hope to give back to the Earth, reconnect people with nature, and ultimately reach their target of planting another 2 000 endemic trees. Apart from “greening” – the …

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Giorgio Armani is now 100% fur free!

12 - Sourced - Creative Commons - Fur_fashion_show_in_the_Interconti,_Frankfurt_am_Main,_1978_(3)

Tyler Naumann The fashion industry and animal rights activists have been at war for decades about whether or not animal fur and animal products have a place in fashion in today’s world. Millions of animals die each year in order to become a trim on the hood of a fur …

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Palm Oil: the environment’s silent killer


Tyler Naumann What do peanut butter, shampoo, mayonnaise, and moisturising cream have in common? Here’s the answer: palm oil. Palm oil is the most common form of vegetable oil that is used in many products, and comes from the palm fruit grown on the African oil palm tree. The use …

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5 Plants that will purify your air


Tyler Naumann It is so lovely to grow plants on your windowsill, in your room, or outside in your garden, not only for the health and well-being of the environment, but for personal health as well. Some indoor plants naturally purify the air and remove harmful toxins, and these ones …

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New Animal Conservation Status


Tyler Naumann It happened to the Dodo bird, and we know it’s happening to the Black Rhinoceros, the extinction of an entire animal species is a very tragic mark in history.  Of course, we never want this to happen, however there are major threats to the environment and their inhabitants. …

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