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The beautiful tragedy of Concrete Jungles

A valley of undulating concrete slabs line the Holocaust Monument in Berlin, Germany as a artistic reminder of the uncertainty and fear Jewish populations were plagued by during Nazi Germany. Here, concrete as art stands in direct juxtaposition to concrete as - for some - an energy-consuming architectural eye-sore.

Jomiro Eming Buildings with concrete-like foundations have been dated back to as far as Ancient Greece, and today they line our cities and societies. Although concrete is the second most consumed product in the world – the first being water – it is also one of the least energy efficient …

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Climate change: We’re all guilty (vegetarians, you too)


Jomiro Eming  Up until now, this is what we’ve been told: Meat consumption takes a hefty toll on the environment, bulldozing thousands of hectares of fertile land for livestock, and causing a detrimental amount of methane gas to be released into the atmosphere. According to studies (where statistics may vary …

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Join the “treevolution!”


Jomiro Eming Since its inception two years ago, the Hogsback Festival of Trees  returns again this September. Terra-Khaya, in association with GreenPop, hope to give back to the Earth, reconnect people with nature, and ultimately reach their target of planting another 2 000 endemic trees. Apart from “greening” – the …

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Giorgio Armani is now 100% fur free!

12 - Sourced - Creative Commons - Fur_fashion_show_in_the_Interconti,_Frankfurt_am_Main,_1978_(3)

Tyler Naumann The fashion industry and animal rights activists have been at war for decades about whether or not animal fur and animal products have a place in fashion in today’s world. Millions of animals die each year in order to become a trim on the hood of a fur …

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