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Hogwarts, despite its magical efficiency, unfortunately shows no signs of being environmentally friendly.

Are dining halls enviro-friendly?

By Collen V Mabaso With ten functioning dining halls at Rhodes University catering for more than three thousand students daily, it is good to question whether there are any sustainable environmental practices utilised at our fine institution. Nine to ten billion of tonnes of food go to waste in South Africa annually. With three meals served each day at Rhodes, it is … Continue Reading ››

SAIAB shows why science is still cool

By Fezekile Cokile As part of Environmental Week 2014, the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB) team was outside the Day Kaif on Tuesday, 29 July, to spark interest among students about the different uses of water. The students, which included those doing water management honours, were not only presented with a scientific approach as to how water works but were … Continue Reading ››