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The EU was always a bad idea

EU Flag

Jessica Bokete The world’s eyes are on the United Kingdom as the reality of their decision slowly sets in. Things took an unexpected turn of events when the UK narrowly voted to leave the European Union (EU). Now as the UK scrambles to gather itself one can only wonder what …

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Brexit for Africa?


Jessica Bokete On 23 June, the United Kingdom (UK) held a non-binding referendum to decide whether it should remain in or leave the European Union (EU). The world was thrown into utter chaos upon hearing the UK’s decision to leave. The pound dropped by 3.2% to the dollar and the …

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Local Is Lekker: The G-Town Growing GemBean


Chanel Retief What started off as a way to earn pocket money, became one of this 20-year-old’s biggest pride and joy. In the beginning of 2015, Bachelor of Social Science student Gemma Scholtz started her own jewelry business known to students everywhere as GemBean. When one says students everywhere, they …

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Big Franchises in South Africa


Chene Schoeman In mid-April of 2016, the Starbucks coffee company launched their first ever South African based store in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Their arrival was met with much excitement as queues formed overnight prior to the opening. People rushed in to purchase the coffee of their “Tumblr” dreams. With all sorts …

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The budget and how it practically affects students


Geoffrey Shein The 24th of February saw most business owners and traders glued to their seats in anticipation of the budget speech delivered by Minister Pravin Gordhan. This while most students were concerned with their latest tutorial hand in or assignment. Little do we, as students, realise the long reaching …

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