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Trance: Beyond the trip


Mika Schoeman The typical stereotypes around trance parties, of hippies, and of an over-indulgent drug culture are not necessarily true. There’s more than the meets the psychedelic eye when it comes to the trance scene, and it’s not all about drugs and muddy dance-floors. Yes, there are those that conform …

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The View from Lemonade.

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Chanel Retief (@chanel.coco12) It’s difficult to believe that it has been over two weeks since both Beyoncé and Drake released their latest albums. It’s also amazing to see that, even after two weeks, people still seem be reacting the same way they did when both albums were released. This speaks to the …

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Game of Rhodes 2016

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Jomiro Eming In a world of assignments that simply get lost amidst the 400 other pages of bore, of examination papers where your only individuality comes after the “g” in your student number, of walking past lecturers you’ve had for a year and… “Sorry, who are you again?” Not anymore, …

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