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Guy Buttery, on Tour


By Jomiro Eming It isn’t often that you get to chat to someone like Guy Buttery over the telephone. With his gig next weekend at Saint’s Bistro, we had a lot to catch-up on. Guy is busy performing his Spring Tour down the country, and I was lucky enough to …

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Celebrate your heritage…music fest style!


By Christina Schild There’s partying because you feel you deserve it, that you’ve had a tough time and need to let off some steam; and then there’s another kind, where you get to dance in the spring-air and know that you’re helping someone in need. Instead of escaping a claustrophobic …

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Looping his way to Grahamstown


Photo sourced from billboard.com By Catherine Roland The scene’s set at Prime on Saturday evening and the hipsters of Grahamstown were at their absolute best for the South African star, Jeremy Loops. You know that the vibe was good when the pre-build up includes people dancing to repeated DJ’d songs …

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In Dust, I Lust

OppiKoppi 2015, taken by Ari Brest (2)

By James Vining Every year, come August, I think to myself: “This year will be the year I miss OppiKoppi.” Yet, every year, I somehow end up going. The festival has a weird-and-wonderful way of finding me, luring me, and – despite having no money, no ticket, and no transport …

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