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Image via Bethany Meyer

Nkoli-Fassie Society Name Change

Adam Butler Nkoli-Fassie Society has for most of this year gone under the rather tortuous name of “The Society Currently Known as OutRhodes.” As part of this year’s Pride Week, however, an official name changing ceremony was held. The society will henceforth be known as Nkoli-Fassie Society. The change was …

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The embers that still burn.

Xolisa Ngubelanga Fire has shaped Port Elizabeth and its development, as it has shaped many of our cities. South Africa’s violent history has granted its cities more than their fair share of fires, often sparked by the conflicts between protesters and state forces. In many instances, the communities most affected …

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Image: Nick Pritchard

A Forest Begins with a Seed

Jomiro Eming A young Indian man, Jadav Payeng, saw his island in crisis and threatened by erosion. The land was arid and becoming nothing more than a desert, and so he planted a single seed. Now, nearly four decades later, his once-dying island is a 1 360-acre forest, and a lush …

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Image: www.thisismorpheus.com

Inclusivity in Pride

Adam Butler UCKAR Pride Week has once again rolled around for its 2017 edition – this year, focusing on inclusivity in the LGBTQIA++ community. Recently, debate around racism within the community, and the marginalisation of certain gender identities and sexualities, has stirred up a great deal of controversy. In South …

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Everything You Need to From the PH Fat and Shortstraw Show

Jose Salvadori With the new term under way and it is the first Friday back, here’s a quick review of one of the most exciting nights we’ve had in Grahamstown. TriVar might have been cancelled this year, but the party certainly wasn’t. Excitement and anticipation lingered in the air as …

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