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Daily Practice for an Optimistic Environmentalist

By Jomiro Eming Modern-day living, ignorant politicians, and capitalist-driven systems and processes make being optimistic about the environment really hard. I get that. Why bother recycle, when over a billion tons of waste gets produced globally each year? Why walk to the shops, when there are approximately 1.5 billion cars …

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Caught in the Middle: An Environmental Tug-of-war

By Jomiro Eming A final indulgence in the face of an irreversible environmental emergency, a noble sacrifice and unified struggle to preserve the planet we live on, or a conflicted dance between the two? In a world plagued by floating islands of plastic, capitalist interests, landfill cities, pessimism, nihilism, hefty …

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Rhodes’ Memory Lane.

  Kerryn Cockbain Welcome to Rhodes 2018 and to all our resident G18’s, Activate congratulates you on starting your race here. The bright spark of optimism and youth which you bring to campus, brings a refreshing shot of hope to those of us who are returning for yet another lap …

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NMU Assault Shocks Many But Changes Little

Adam Butler The continued war on womxn’s bodies should prompt serious thought on the ways in which we combat a patriarchal society,    TW: discussions of assault and sexual violence   The brutal assault of two female Nelson Mandela University students on the evening of Monday 2nd has sparked a …

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Goldlink, At What Cost: Review

Simamkele George Released on March 24 2017, the debut album from Goldlink, proves to be more than what it appears. In a random search for “the best albums of 2017” on google, you will probably stumble upon many candidates to choose from, and quite a lot of usual-suspects. In these …

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