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The Absolute Truth Presents: Folk!

Bethany Meyer On a cold Saturday evening, over twenty people gathered at the school of languages amphitheatre in Grahamstown for a night full of stories, poetry and connection. A group of first years provided warm hot chocolate and delicious pizza before starting their exhibition; Folk. Folk is the brainchild of …

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English Premiere League: Recap and Preview

Wade Pahad The league is back, and back with a bang! Arsenal set the tone for what seems to be a frantic season of football with a nail biting 4-3 victory over Leicester City. Last season’s champions, Chelsea, suffered a surprise 3-2 defeat to Burnley at the Bridge. With Diego …

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The Best Masks for Dry-Skin

Mbali Sibisi Over the past few years I have noticed that during the colder seasons my skin gets dry and flakey and as a result starts to peel. I decided to start using homemade face masks. Most of the ingredients are inexpensive and easily accessible. These masks are amazing as …

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13 Ways to Increase Productivity

By Pearl Munemo   Write a schedule and stick to it Plan your time efficiently and realistically, write down a schedule that will help you to spend adequate time on each task. Keeping track of what work needs to be done and what work has been done will also help …

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Engineering the Future

By: Jomiro Eming (@jomiroeming) Geo-engineering, refers to any process involving the deliberate intervention of humans into the planet’s natural systems in order to counter-act the effects of climate change. The large-scale operations of this nature can include anything from as simple as afforestation (planting trees to reduce carbon dioxide levels) …

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