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Photo: supplied by SAPS

The Highs at UCKAR

By Sian Wilson The prospect of university is daunting with the courses which seem impassable, the unfamiliar environment and the independence of adult life which feels almost unreachable. Despite all that, you’ve made it and you are about to embark on one of the biggest journeys of self-discovery in your …

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By Jomiro Eming Today, Activate wants to introduce two members from our team, who have made very simple but very effective changes to their daily living that cuts back their carbon footprint, and reduces the amount of waste they contribute to the environment. We asked Chloé and Ciara to share …

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While You Were Away:

A roundup of the most interesting and important news items that cropped up during vac. By Adam Butler Gaza Fifteen Palestinians were killed, and hundreds injured, when Israeli military forces opened fire on a protest in the Gaza strip on March 30th. Over ten thousand Palestinians, confined to the 388km2 …

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The Rhodes University Exchange Program

how to discover new places, cultures and people while still earning your degree – Adam Butler Exchange and Semester Abroad students from outside South Africa are an integral part of the Rhodes University community, often forming close and lasting attachments to the Rhodes students during their short stay. However, few …

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