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Rhodes University’s Tuition Problem

Geoffrey Shein On the afternoon of the 5th of July, 2016, Rhodes University Media and Relations Officer Catherine Deiner released a statement stating that students who owe more than 50% of their fees would have their results withheld. This, a day before the results are due to be released. This …

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Trance: Beyond the trip

Mika Schoeman The typical stereotypes around trance parties, of hippies, and of an over-indulgent drug culture are not necessarily true. There’s more than the meets the psychedelic eye when it comes to the trance scene, and it’s not all about drugs and muddy dance-floors. Yes, there are those that conform …

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#RUReferenceList: A week of struggle for change

Swarag Tadepally | Photos: Samuel Aviles & Swarag Tadepally It has now been a week since the #RUReferenceList was released and the sixth day of the protests saw a very intimate and emotional gathering take place at the Purple Fee Square on Sunday evening. Following the dissatisfaction of the outcomes …

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