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Attempted Arson on campus

Mitchell Shaun Parker In the early hours of this morning, two fires were started at the south entrance to the Council Chambers in the main administrative building. The fire was started with an inflammable substance. The incident took place shortly after the building was unlocked for the day by the …

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#RUReferenceList: The ‘I’ vs the ‘We’

Sam van Heerden Last week, my politics lecturer, Leonhard Praeg, from the University Currently Known As Rhodes (UCKAR) Politics Department, asked the few of us who dotted the lecture room why we were there and not outside protesting with our fellow students. This was met mostly by silence. A few …

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#RUReferenceList: Lectures resume, education begins

Laura Richardson | Photos: Samuel Aviles, Jomiro Eming,  Despite calls from both staff and students to postpone the academic programme, classes at Rhodes University officially resumed yesterday.  This after Rhodes University Management took out an interdict preventing students from “disrupting, obstructing or in any other way interfering with the academic process”. …

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#RUReferenceList: a letter to management

Jessica Hogge I hope you have finally realised the gravity of the situation and will receive this letter with an open mind and an attitude of learning. The problem is that the people on management are hiding behind their titles of power. Before you are dean of anything, before you …

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