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Order is tranquility, and less is more

Shraddha Patnala  No one tells us that the student life is tough. The glamorous mess of university life, as depicted by most movies and books, gives us the illusion of control over the situation as well as the idea that it can be managed easily.  Well, they lied.  University life …

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10 Fashion Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Tumi Dumisa Instagram has quickly become the finest medium for stylists, fashion bloggers, brands and models to post photos that make the rest of us swoon at the #StyleGoals. As these accounts give us normal folk a carefully planned and filtered VIP pass to all the best fashion parties, behind …

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You know what they say about Chokers…

Chanel Retief Today’s fashion requires more of an edge and ultimately more “Pa’zazz”. Obviously the easiest place to get that edgy look from is accessorising. The more trendy way of doing so would seem to be the choker. The  close fitting necklace has made it’s rounds with various pieces of material. …

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Comfort and Style for Lectures!

Natalie Giquel It is a relatively common want for any lecture-goer to want to look good. The beginning of the year starts us off with ambitions of well-groomed hair, ironed clothes and elegantly calculated accessory combinations. Now, although I admire those who strut into lecture theatres in heels and SA …

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