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Image: Yosh ZA (Facebook)
Image: Yosh ZA (Facebook)

A Show Like Never Before

Simamkele George

This coming week a production, relatively new to the South African hip-hop scene, will be exhibited by Eastern Cape artist Yonela “Yosh” Faba, and it will be showcased right here in our very own Grahamstown.

In what is not usual for a non-prominent artist in the South African music scene, Rhodes University student and hip-hop artist Yosh will be performing live on set in a promotion of his album, #CrowningDayEP, but what is so different about this performance, is the fact he will be performing with a live band.

Based on a live acapella performance, in similar form to Kanye West’s sophomore effort Late Registration, the show is set to feature live renditions of his music in his album and a few other songs, an assembled cast of band members, and an expected unplugged and ‘broken down’ recital of his music.

In terms of sound, fans can expect a more dulcet offering, with a deep jazz influence, a more polished sound as opposed to the usual underground musician and a sound that tries to shy away from the mainstream hip-hop scene, to essentially carve out what no “Eastern Cape artist has ever done before”.

The show does look like an enterprising project and Faba did admit that he felt there was lack of drive and initiative from non-mainstream artists, especially from Eastern Cape acts when it comes to utilising their resources.

“The show is trying to do something to show Eastern Cape artist [we can do it]. We [Eastern Cape artists] often get into that thing of thinking we don’t have resources, we don’t have unity, so we can’t really do much” Faba lamented, “this show is to show people that we can do something extraordinary and out of the ordinary if you put your mind to it.”

“If you want to do something you can do it, it just depends on your mindset,” Faba said.

In the meanwhile, Faba released a video for his single Agna Kai to tease fans with, with the show set to debut in the coming week.

Do not miss out on this quality production by an emerging national artist, offering a deeper and more cultured night out in G-Vegas.

Show premiers 23rd September, at Slipstream Sports Bar, 20h00 – 23h00.

Tickets: Presold R50, Double Ticket R90

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