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(Source: Pixabay.com)
(Source: Pixabay.com)

13 Ways to Increase Productivity

By Pearl Munemo


  1. Write a schedule and stick to it

Plan your time efficiently and realistically, write down a schedule that will help you to spend adequate time on each task. Keeping track of what work needs to be done and what work has been done will also help you stay on your feet.


  1. Small steps

Break up your work into small chunks. Taking on one big task and trying to finish it in one sitting will leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Instead of writing an essay in a night. Break it up, research, write notes, then start your essay.


  1. Make a ‘done’ list

There’s something about completing a task and ticking a box that just feels oh so good, add it to the list and cross it out. Knowing that you are actually doing something will help you to stay motivated throughout the day.


  1. Breathe

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when there are tons of tasks to be completed. When you feel like it’s all too much, take a few minutes to breathe. Breathing helps to refresh the brain and relax your muscles. It can help you to relieve tension and to return to your work with fresh energy.  Remind yourself that it can be done.



  1. Exercise

You don’t have to spend a full hour at the gym, but find a short 10-20-minute workout or stretch to do every morning. It will help you to start your day feeling fresh and awake.

  1. Get in the zone

Find ways to get yourself to work. Play music that will help you to focus, turn off your phone. Focus, don’t succumb to distractions.

  1. Don’t work on your bed

Your brain and body associate your bed with sleep. Sit at a desk instead. When you work on your bed you confuse your body, this could later lead to sleeplessness.

  1. Don’t multitask

There’s only so much your brain can do at one time. Rather focus on one task at a time. When you constantly switch from task to task, your brain gets confused and works less efficiently.


  1. Tidy up

A clear environment makes for a clear mind. Create a neat working space by removing unnecessary items off your desk and by clearing your clothes of your bed and floor. That way you will not be thinking about everything that is lying around.  You will be focused on the task at hand.


  1. Take a break

In order to work efficiently, your brain needs to rest. Take regular breaks by finding a system that works for you. You can work for 50 minutes and rest for 10 or use methods such as the Pormodoro technique.


  1. Sleep!

People often skip sleep to complete a task or to get in a few extra hours of studying. Rather sleep. Your brain needs time to rest and recover. When you wake up, you will be more focused.

  1. Drink water

Keeping hydrated helps you to focus more efficiently. Besides refreshing your mind, there are a lot of health benefits that water has. Drink up!

  1. Reward yourself

Have a cup of tea. Watch a movie. Read a book. Find something that you love doing and reward yourself for all the work you’ve done. You deserve it!




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