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13 Ways That Will Help You Get Back Into The Gym/Fitness Routine

  • Kabelo Moshime

Getting back into gym and exercising again is never easy. It’s daunting, to say the least. However, with a few easy steps and guidance, it will be smoother and more successful than ever before.

Firstly, before launching yourself into the gym you should first question why you started, why you stopped, and why you want to return. If you have grown unfamiliar with the exercise routine and want to return immediately, do not be tempted to do those intense sets that you used to do. Rushing the intensity of training could potentially force you to spend the next day with a sore body and a diminished desire to step foot in the gym again – back to square one.

If you decide to finally get back to your workout routine, it is totally normal to be a bit rusty, nervous and unsure about where to start. Don’t have exceedingly high expectations of yourself based on a few sessions – patience is key. Once you’ve prepared yourself for this commitment, it’s important that you formulate a reasonable workout routine that will balance your social interests, academics interests and personal interests. The reason for your lackluster commitment to health and fitness could be caused by a couple of factors namely: academic workload, injury, physical and emotional stress, excessive partying, demanding schedule, laziness, and simply lacking the desire to be active again. Below are 13 techniques that will bring you back into gym/fitness focus:

  1. Train as though you are a beginner; who cares what people think?
  2. Maintain a low level of intensity especially in the early phases; then gradually move up while your body reconditions.
  3. Nurse past injuries by doing fewer sets until you have fully recovered. You don’t want another reason to be out the gym.
  4. Rest at least a day between each session to protect from injury and to allow muscles to grow and form. Yes you want to cover up for lost time, but you need to rest your body.
  5. Eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Junk food is amazing, but it’s even better as a reward for keeping up with gym commitments.
  6. Cut down on the drinking and smoking. Stay hydrated and smoke less, this will save you money too.
  7. Set monthly goals that you seek to achieve for your mental and physical health-and-wellbeing. Driving without knowledge of the destination will get you lost; so know how you want to look and feel before aimlessly entering the gym or fitness program.
  8. Have a gym/fitness schedule and stick to it. Do not fall into the dangerous habit of rescheduling.
  9. Find a training buddy that motivates you to work harder each day, and vice versa.
  10. Explore other options as opposed to strictly going to the gym. These include: early morning runs, bodyweight exercises (pushups, sit-ups), circuit or group exercises, and playing sports.
  11. Do not procrastinate. Make your way to the gym because once you’re there, you will actually be motivated to do some exercises.
  12. Have proper and comfortable gym apparel. Wear shirts or sweatshirts made of breathable material; and track pants or sweatpants that allow flexibility.
  13. If you’re a music fanatic, create an upbeat playlist that will keep you pumped up through the sets.

Gym and fitness require effort, the more effort put in – the higher the chances of attaining results of your desire. Your health comes first, so be sure to take things steady and to keep active; better late than never right?

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