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12th RUTV Documentary Film Festival 2017

Simamkele George

This summer, three ground-breaking and innovative productions are coming your way- via the fourth-year television class. Under the title “Quests and Question Marks”, the films showcase young South Africans breaking societal norms and stereotypes, to find their place in this world. A common thread identified through all the documentaries is that they appear in the form of journeys, journeys of discovery, acceptance, and adolescence.

The first film Money from the Sea, produced by Abner Accom and Daniel Tucker, is set in Port Elizabeth, following squid fisherman on their trip out to the winter seas. Each trip is a dice roll on money and their lives-only working on commission they must catch enough squid to support their families in absolutely harrowing conditions. The trials and tribulations of these fisherman are as unpredictable and exciting as the seas they battle on.

Elsewhere, in the outskirts of the Eastern Cape in the town of Willowmore, Collete Prince and Tess Miles attempt to confront a right-wing Afrikaans group, creating a white only enclave ominously named Die Eden Projek (The Eden Project). In a captivating production named The Eden, whilst dealing with stark racism and the fear of imminent violence, our brave cinematographers confront Die Eden Projek’s leader Jaqui Gradwell, and discover some shocking truths about him, the project, and what it means for the future of a democratic South Africa.

The third and final film Ezakithi Namasiko, produced by Catharina Andersen and Thingo Mthombeni, follows the journey of young South Africans navigating a predominantly Western world, with little to no room for traditional African practices, such as Ubungoma. The film follows the producers’ journeys to examine the personal contradictions and similarities between Western and African practices within their spiritual lives. An introspective look into the true acceptance and diversity of South Africa.

Do not miss out on these insightful and entertaining productions, showcasing the exceptional talent of our very own media practitioners and cinematographers here at Rhodes
ALL Shows premiere on the 7th of September, at the NELM (National English Literary Museum).
Tickets: R20, available at the AMM (Africa Media Matrix).

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